Discover The FOUR Email Sequences 
That Will Engage & Convert Your New Leads!
I’ll give you the concept, timing, and call to action… so all you have to do is fill in the blanks.
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You already know that building your email list is pretty important. (You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t.)
But once you’ve got them… now what? Do you just send them a few emails here and there and hope they buy?

NO! Hope is not a business strategy!

Instead, have a few automated sequences in your arsenal that will help you:
Keep them engaged
Welcome them to your world
Book a call with you 
Buy your product

That’s what I’m going to help you with here. This FREE GUIDE will show you exactly what to write, when to send it, and even what you should be asking your people to do.

So you train them from the outset how to take the next step toward working with you.
In this FREE Guide, I'll show you:
What you can do when your lead STOPS opening your emails… so you can not only re-engage them, but drive them toward making a buying decision with you…
How you can QUICKLY and EASILY develop content that is designed to convert (because we don’t want to just be known as the ones that give it all away)...
How to automatically take people from a freebie signup to a sale of your course or product (because don’t we just love automatic money?!)
Hey there, I'm Alyson Lex
And since 2007, I’ve been writing sales copy for clients all over the world, in multiple industries, and at multiple levels of business… from brand-new to well-established.

And they all have ONE thing in common: Emails are a big part of their strategy.

So much so that I’ve written thousands of emails and millions of words in my years as a copywriter, and that doesn’t look to slow down anytime soon.

And in everything I’ve written, there are FOUR sequences that not only are the most requested… but they will get you the biggest bang for your buck AND feel like the most difficult for my clients to figure out.

So I’ve put this guide together to show you exactly what to write, when to send it, and what to offer… because I don’t want you to feel stuck wondering how to make this email game work for you, too.

Start with one or fast-implement all four… but at the end of the day, THIS is what’s going to help you move the needle in your business.

And that’s a feel-good moment for me.
Discover the 4 Email Sequences That Will Make a Difference in YOUR Business
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