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your prospects will practically
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The Challenge Starts January 25th 2021
If you sell online… you’ve GOT to have a handle on your copy.
#realtalk: you can have the best product in the world… if nobody knows about it, you’re not going to sell. And especially online… a lot of our communication is written.

Social media, websites, messenger… you’ve got to know your message and have it super dialed in if you’ve got a hope of converting these prospects into buyers.
You can’t just throw words onto a page and hope for the best. 
You’ve got to know who you’re speaking to and why they want what you’ve got… and then you have to put it together in a way that makes sense to them (AND makes them sit up and pay attention).
This FREE 5-Day Challenge will help you understand the basics of great copy AND put it all together in a sales page that converts.
Time for me to share a secret... 
Copywriting isn’t a mystical, magical gift that’s been bestowed upon the select few.

It’s not a hidden art that’s borne of backroom deals and studying ancient texts.

And a lot of pro copywriters would have you think that it is so you feel beholden to them for your emails, sales pages, landing pages, and everything in between.

Copy IS 100% accessible and learnable - and you can do it.

BUT… it’s also not just a bunch of templates that you can fill in the blank and toss up there and watch the dollars roll in.

There is a science to the art - and both of those put together will make your conversion rate soar.

When you marry the science with the art… that’s where HOT copy is born.

That’s what you’ll get on this challenge. I’m going to show you the secret of HOT Copy.

Still Curious? 
Here's How it Works...
  • The challenge starts the moment you register! I will start guiding you right away inside the challenge Facebook group and via email
  • Every day of the challenge you'll get a live training in the Facebook group(replay is available!) with a solid strategy you can put into play in your business that attracts your ideal clients
  • You'll get special tutorial walkthroughs that address your concerns and make sure you get what you're being taught!
  • Best of all… We will build exactly what you need so you can put it all together into a kick-ass sales page that meets your audience where they need you to be.
if you love to know all the details... check out the challenge day by day below



Monday 11:00 AM EST -  Who Do You Want To Reach? (We’ll build your perfect customer profile using the pro copywriter methods)

Monday 4:00 PM EST -  VIP Training, Question & Answer Session



Tuesday 11:00 AM EST -   Where Can You Find Them? (We’ll use the research methods honed over the last 13+ years to get you in front of the right people)

Tuesday 4:00 PM EST -  VIP Training, Question & Answer Session



Wednesday 11:00 AM EST -  When Do You Need To Reach Them? (We’ll talk about the ONE thing most online business owners forget that kills their response rate)

Wednesday 4:00 PM EST -  VIP Training, Question & Answer Session



Thursday 11:00 AM EST -  What Do You Say To Them?! (We’ll build your marketing language bank so you never run out of words to say… ever.)

Thursday 4:00 PM EST -  VIP Training, Question & Answer Session



Friday 11:00 AM EST -  How Do You Put It All Together? (I’ll hand you my formula for creating sales copy that works - along with some juicy tidbits along the way)

Friday 4:00 PM EST -  VIP Training, Question & Answer Session

If you’re ready to FINALLY get a handle on creating H-O-T copy that sells your stuff… grab your spot for this free 5-day challenge right now.
Hi, I'm Alyson.
I’ve been writing copy for over 13 years… which means I’ve honed my craft pretty darn well. If I wanted to toot my own horn, I could tell you about the 82.5% opt-in rate generated from a single landing page or the $30k added to a client’s business just through a few tweaks.

But this challenge isn’t about me. It’s about you.

And more specifically: helping you get over this idea that you can’t write great copy.

Before I started writing copy, I couldn’t write good copy either. I was a creative writing and English student in college - which means I could write the hell out of a research paper… but I didn’t know what it took to sell.

I’ve learned how to do that… and so can you. I’m going to show you some “secrets” that pro copywriters use to get into the head of their ideal client and how you can do it too.

Which means you’re going to leave this challenge empowered to write your own landing pages, sales pages, and emails.

Doesn’t that sound like a whole lot of fun?

Crafting Your own H-O-T Copy Starts here.
The Challenge Starts Monday, January 25th.
Are you in?
This is for people ready to get BIG results and put in the work to get them. Don't sign up if you're not ready to play full out ok?
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