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Hey there, I'm Alyson Lex
Hi, I’m Alyson Lex. I’ve been writing direct response sales copy for 12+ years, with a few of the following results:

- One landing page I wrote had an 82+% opt-in rate

- A copy review I completed resulted in $30,000+ in additional revenue for the business owner

- I was the Director of Marketing for Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle and my copy contributed to millions of dollars in sales of events, products, coaching programs and memberships.

- A client of mine increased optins by 21% and she's converting at 25% to the sale.

- The first salesletter I ever wrote resulted in over $8,000 in under 3 days from a list barely over 200 people. (I guess I'm just that good.)

I’m also a crazy cat lady (I have 8 of them) and have once been bitten by a giraffe. 

... Neither of those contributes to my copy skills, but the giraffe thing is funny at least. 

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*This is 100% FREE training, no credit card required.
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